аквариумный дизайн ногтейOne of the most prestigious varieties of nail design aquarium design of nails. This technology allows you to print the decoration on the surface of the nail, but as it were in the thickness of the nail plate to obtain amazingly beautiful and at the same time, practical design. Not surprisingly, many women choose aquarium nail art in holidays and weekdays.


Advantages and disadvantages of Aqua nail

The name «aquarium design» speaks for itself: decorations for nails hidden under a layer of transparent acrylic or gel, as if the glass of an aquarium. Such technology allows to create luxury volumetric figures, while maintaining the nail surface is absolutely smooth. Dignity aquarium design are obvious:

  • Practicality. Decorations on the nails have no protruding parts, and therefore no way they cling and do not hamper engage in any activity;
  • A variety of decor. Aqua design allows you to use a variety of techniques of nail art, combining them according to your taste;
  • Durability. Enjoy luxurious nail-art you can for a long time images under a layer of acrylic perfectly preserved and not fade weeks. Optionally, you can cover the nails with a layer of lacquer, and then wash the floor – it doesn’t affect on nail design;
  • Voluminosity. This technology allows you to create spectacular three-dimensional images.

Have this method and disadvantages. So, aquarium design can be done solely on the artificial nails. It is necessary to protect the nails with аквадизайном because of temperatures differences and contact with the household, not to damage the acrylic coating. You will also need regular correction of the nail design as regrowth nails.

Since nails with aquarium design, you can carry it for a long time, when choosing jewelry is desirable to give preference decor in subdued colours. It is desirable that nail art harmonize not only with the elegant toilet, but with casual clothes.


Technology of creation of aquarium design

Creating a luxurious Aqua – procedure is quite long, because the master and have to pore over each colored fingernail. First nails should prepare to capacity. Nail plates degreased and processed адгезирующими structures designed to ensure optimum traction acrylic coating with the natural nail. After the nails are being intensified by the underlying layer of acrylic or gel. The length of the nail increase is completely optional: many prefer nails convenient medium length.

The next stage – the creation of nail design. For this you may use paints, acrylic powder, crystals, sequins, threads, dried flowers, colored sand, foil and any other decorative items. To obtain the planned results you can combine different techniques of nail art, without limiting your imagination. The new decor is covered with a layer of gel or acrylic, which create the illusion of transparent glass surface.


Aqua design at home

Aquarium nail design at an expensive procedure. No wonder so many girls are hungry for the creation of such a design by yourself to save time and money. Do Aqua yourself quite real, but this would require not only tastes good, but also a skill and professional materials.

Since aquarium design is performed only on the extended nails, you must first master the procedure of self-expansion. As a rule, to perform Aqua nails are increasing using acrylic, although sometimes similarly to decorate their nails, the graft using the gel.

First you must prepare nails: make dry manicure, degrease the nail plate, be treated with a primer. After that, under the nails fills in the form, and nails are being intensified with the help of acrylic or gel. Now you can start aquarium design.


Independent full set

Increase your nails using acrylic at home rather difficult, because this material very quickly solidifies on the air, so you have to work very quickly. The market can meet the special sets for nail extension, including acrylic powder, liquid acrylic, special brushes and the primer is a special composition, by which natural nails are prepared to capacity.

Under the free tip of the nail plate is supplied to a special form, which is applied acrylic blend. After hardening, artificial nail forms are removed, and the outlines of acrylic nail are adjusted with the help files. Thus prepared nail can decorate according to your taste, including creating the fashionable Aqua.

The main advantage of acrylic nails – their strength. These nails are hard to break, and when tired of walking with нарощенными nails, they are easy to get rid of, just dissolved artificial nails with the help of special tools. The disadvantages of acrylic coating can be attributed to a specific smell and complexity of the work with acrylics. In addition, natural nails after the building acrylic become weak and brittle.


Gel nail extension

Gel nails do not cause major harm to the natural nail plate, look naturally, differ strength and elasticity. But such nails you can only delete спиливанием, and if the nail is broken, it cannot be restored.

Gel nail extension technology is quite simple, but the procedure requires a special ultraviolet lamp, in the light of which gel freezes. The frozen gel can cause any decor of your choice.


The underwater beauty on the nail

Images of the underwater world – a real classic aquarium design. How create such beauty?

  • First step. Toning. Prepared by nails, the graft with a gel or acrylic coated with translucent paints on an organic basis. Fit all shades of water from pale turquoise to deep blue, emerald green, gold and silver tones. When applying paints should pay special attention to the tip of the nail and its middle part, leaving its base free;
  • The second step. Figure. The nails you can put a picture on the marine theme. You can use paint, gel pens, and even a special sticker. It is permissible to skip this step and go directly to inflict surround decor;
  • The third step. Three-dimensional decoration. The tinted nails should apply a three-dimensional image of a fish, seahorses, shells and algae. You can sculpt a similar decoration of acrylic paste or buy ready-made decoration. The longer nails, the more voluminous can be a decorations;
  • The fourth step. The last finishing touches. «Revive» the composition, you can use the dried flowers, colored sand, spangles, foil, rhinestones and other decorative elements;
  • The fifth step. Fixing. When volumetric image is fully ready, it is necessary to put a layer of transparent acrylic or gel. When artificial nails becoming solid (air or by the light of a UV lamp)should be carefully polished. Spectacular nails with classic aquarium design ready.


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