омолаживающие маски для лица

To the skin Shine youth and beauty, does not necessarily mix homemade facial masks twelve ingredients, five of whom have since the week to insist. You can do much less time, means and nerves. Take, for example, the following anti-aging Facials only two components that must exist in any average refrigerator and a kitchen Cabinet.

Protein with olive oil, for lifting and rejuvenation

омолаживающие футболки с прикольными надписями

Mix one tablespoon of whipped in a cool foam proteins with one teaspoon of olive oil. Apply finished rejuvenating mask on the face (neck and cleavage, wrinkles around the eyes,…) or only the wrinkles on 20-40 minutes, you can in several layers. Rinse off with cool water, rinse with cold and be sure to moisten the skin cream or gel.

Always look young and modern, will help you t-shirts which, as is known, very nice to rejuvenate, if not in the physical, moral and emotional terms, the same person then also tighten and even be smoothed.

Yolk with vitamin E for wrinkles

RUB one egg yolk with one teaspoon vitamin E oil (sold in pharmacies). Apply finished rejuvenating mask on the skin of the face or only on a wrinkle.

омолаживающие маски для лица с белком и желткомAlso this mask can cause the skin around the eyes, but the egg must be really fresh, and make sure that the shell does not touched the yolk. The same mask does not apply close to the eyes, it is best to apply it under the eyes, not approaching close to the lower eyelid.

Remove your mask first soft cosmetic wipes, then wash off with cool water and moisten the skin.

Yogurt with oatmeal to erase wrinkles

Mix two tablespoons of natural yoghurt without additives with four teaspoons ground oatmeal or cereal for baby food (without additives).

Apply a ready mask circular massaging movements on the face, let dry slightly (10-20 minutes) and roll along the massage lines. The remains of wash and moisten the skin.

омолаживающие маски для лица с мукойYolk with flour for wrinkles

RUB one egg yolk with one teaspoon of wheat flour and apply finished rejuvenating mask on the skin. Rinse off after 10-15 minutes, tone and moisten the skin.

Cucumber with potatoes from swelling and to hydrate

огурец для омоложения кожи лицаRUB one large cucumber or two medium grate and squeeze the juice. Dilute juice potato starch to a condition of liquid gruel.

Apply finished rejuvenating mask on the skin of the face. Also it can cause the skin around the eyes, pre-lubricated with a thin layer of cream or vegetable oil (almond, olive…).

Leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes, not allowing her to die. Rinse and увлажите skin.

Possible contraindications, particularly allergic reactions.

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