Анна Кендрик и другие звезды на премьерах Sundance

Film festival Sundance continues to delight audiences awaited premieres: yesterday, showcasing independent films were presented to the painting “Merry Christmas” (Happy Christmas), “Voices” (The Voices) and “Мальчишество” (Boyhood). Anna Kendrick, Ethan Hawke and many other performers in the novelties of this year attended the premiere.

Anna has presented one of the long-awaited paintings of the year comedic drama “Merry Christmas” in the company of colleagues on the set Melanie Лински, Mark Webber and directed by Joe Сванберга. The main heroine of the film performed by Kendrick after a failed romance moved to live in the house of their eldest brother and his wife. At the new place, the girl will try to heal the wounds, to find balance in life, and peace of mind.

анна кендрик
Anna Kendrick at the premiere of “Merry Christmas”

мелани лински анна кендрик и джо сванберг на премьере счастливого рождества
Melanie Лински, Anna Kendrick and Joe Svanberg at the premiere of “Merry Christmas”

мелани лински и анна кендрик на премьере счастливого рождества
Melanie Лински and Anna Kendrick

The main hero of the criminal Thriller “Voice” in the performance of Ryan Reynolds peace can only dream – a young man suffering from paranoid personality disorder. In addition, according to the plot, the character is involved in a random murder of his colleague. Hero предсоит solve many problems, and how he will cope with them, we’ll see when the picture will be released in cinemas.

Note that the Reynolds at the first demonstration of the Fima not appeared on the red carpet instead shone Anna Kendrick, who also took part in the film.

anna kendrick
Anna Kendrick at the premiere of the film “Voices”

Also yesterday, the premiere of the picture “Мальчишество”. The film presented the performers of the main roles Ethan hawke and Patricia Arquette. In the new movie the actors played a married couple, which is going through a divorce. However, the focus of the tape are not they, and their six-year-old son. Spectators watch stages of maturation of the boy and his complicated relationship with his parents.

этан хоук на премьере мальчишества
Ethan hawke at the premiere of the film “Мальчишество”

патриция аркетт
Patricia Arquette

этан хоук эллар кортрэн лорелей линклейтер патриция аркетт
Ethan hawke, Эллар Coltrane, Lorelei Linklater, Patricia Arquette and Richard Linklater

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