духи Ange ou Demon GivenchyAngel or demon? – this question is engraved on the stylish conical vial with sharp edges, which a few years in a row adorns the shelves of perfume boutiques. Every woman who pays attention to him, herself makes the choice in favor of their angelic or demonic character. In the toilet water Ange ou Démon Givenchy concluded fantasy mix of soft angelic obedience, and the charming spirit of the devil, who can get along fine in one bottle. A number of versions of this perfume further increases choice, offering women again and again charmed with its contrasting clinking chords.


That hides the aroma of

Eau Ange ou Démon appeared in the perfume line of the French brand Givenchy in 2006. Above it worked cult master Olivier Olivier Crespo and Jean-Pierre Бетуар, which created fragrances for Burberry, Boucheron, Sonia Rykiel, Cacharel, and other brands.

Original Ange ou Démon has as sweet top notes of Mandarin, saffron, thyme, in his heart play a white Lily, Orchid and ylang-ylang. Base notes toilet water – Tonka bean, rosewood, vanilla and oak moss. Women who regularly use this flavor, emphasize its relevance in the winter, when he reveals the best and warms its Eastern chords.

The following year was released Lite version of the original perfume – Ange ou Démon Tendre. Its composition was more subdued and not so sonorous, consisting of orange blossom, Lily of the valley and Mandarin in the top note, a floral heart settled peony, white Lily, heliotrope, in the base note were unchanging rosewood and patchouli.


Path of glory

духи Ange ou Demon GivenchyIn 2008, the release of perfume in a luxurious vial with precious pendant – Ange ou Démon Pampille Présieuse. It notes: Mandarin, black cumin, saffron, Lily, Orchid, ylang-ylang, Tonka bean, rosewood, vanilla, oakmoss.

Following the tender interpretation Ange ou Démon Tendre later, a limited-edition version of the jewelry vial. Ange ou Demon Tendre Diamantissime was decorated with Swarovski crystals. On the design of the bottle worked as a famous sculptor Serzh Мансуа, fragrance was released in 2009.

For those who first fragrance seemed heavy, was released Ange ou Démon Le Secret sensual and romantic scent, which appear to have a fresh character than its predecessor. In this song you can feel nice acidity, which it confers note cranberry and Italian lemon in the top note is a little нейтрализуемые chord green tea. Heart notes of Jasmine, peony and water supply line and loop sound Oriental notes of patchouli and deaf woody accords. Ange ou Démon Le Secret came out in 2009.

In 2010, has replenished the line of fragrance Santal d’hiver of the new edition Ange ou Demon Poesie d’un Parfum d’hiver«Poetry winter flavors») – a perfume with a unique winter mood. It was created by frosty cranberries, Jasmine, tea, sandalwood and гуаяковое tree.

In 2011 released a festive version of the original Le Secret Poesie d’un Parfum d’hiver. His bottle, similar to the elegant Christmas toy, associated with the holiday, which is not without sweets. Top notes of orange and green tea, medium – fresh Jasmine and warming ginger, base notes of spicy musk and praline sweets that create a mood of this winter perfume.

For fans Ange ou Démon Le Secret appeared it more seductive sensual version, suitable for an evening out or a passionate natures. Ange ou Démon Le Secret Elixir released a limited edition in 2011, and its composition was supplemented with notes, giving aroma kind of mystical aura. Song complemented Sambac Jasmine, neroli, orange flowers, plumeria, white musk and cedar wood, and vanilla, green tea, Italian lemon, patchouli remained from the previous version.

Those who have been familiar with the perfume of Givenchy, could not fail to note the similarity of novelties with already famous and beloved Amarige that was released in 1991. These fragrances are really a lot in common, what the notes tells them an Oriental floral character. Only Amarige, conceived Dominique Ропьоном, like many flavors of the past, the bouquet was more diverse. Ange ou Démon perfumers made more vivid and practical and will not lose. Since its inception, this fragrance has found an entire army of fans who eagerly await the release of its new interpretations.

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