Эндрю Гарфилд провел день в Диснейленде с мальчиком, больным лейкемией

Andrew Garfield associated with the public first screen with “spider-Man”, but the actor has proved that it can help people not only in the movies, but in real life. Last Monday the young man spent five miles Scott leukemia, California Disneyland in Anaheim.

Celebrity and miles were supposed to meet earlier, and not somewhere, and on stage in the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar”. The fact that Americans are familiar little boy: in November last year he became the hero of the charity Fund “Make a wish”, under which the organizers had implemented the main dream of the child – to become the “Bet-child” for one day.

Then Scott in the costume of a smaller version of the “Batman” saved San Francisco from villains, and in the evening local residents handed him the keys to the city. The story with the wishes of the boy received much publicity and eventually got to the creators of the ceremony “Oscar-2014”. It was planned that during the movie awards Andrew will take the stage costume “spider-Man” and will present his “partner”, “Bet ” child”as a real superhero.

After several rehearsals, when at the last moment on the eve of the Sunday shows, event organizers said the scene with miles. As the source informs, such decision was accepted because of the fear that something may go wrong, and because of the live ceremony around the world.

According to the insider, Garfield was upset not less than the boy. The actor has found a way how to cheer up the child, and invited Scott to the next day at Disneyland. Miles and Andrew spent in the Park Monday-satisfied and returned to Los Angeles.

Admire act actor and what he brings kindness in this world not just on screen, but in life.

эндрю гарфилд провел понедельник в диснейленде вместе с майлзом скоттом, больным лейкемией
Andrew Garfield held Monday at Disneyland with five miles Scott leukemia

майлз скотт известен публике как "бэт-ребенок", спасавший сан-франциско в ноябре прошлого года
Miles Scott known as the audience “Bet-child’, which saved the San Francisco from villains in November last year

майлзу скотту вручают ключи от города
Miles Scott handed the keys to the city

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