Анастасия Романцова презентовала весенне-летнюю коллекцию

Metropolitan ladies – including, Oksana He and Laura Джугелия became the guests of the presentation of spring-summer collection Anastasia Романцовой, she created for the brand A La Russe.

Outfits new season finished with a slight touch of retro, Recalling the Sunny, warm summer, such a light-hearted and happy. 

The main print designer devoted Алконосту – bird joy, which sings of the most beautiful moments of life in the Apple orchard.

The collection itself has pleased fans of the brand diversity: it is the silk gowns, cotton sundresses and practical свитшоты for exploring the resort embankments, suits and evening pajamas” for outputs in the light, and numerous accessories.

Them – accessories – Romantsova this time has paid much attention to: summer images she added sunglasses with the author painting, tiaras, bracelets, straw hats and bags.

A pleasant surprise for all the participants became another fashion premiere – porcelain glass author painting, money from the sale of which will be transferred to charities including the Foundation of the “planet of Peace”.

показ a la russе ss2014
Collection A La Russe season spring-summer 2014

показ a la russе ss2014

показ a la russе ss2014

показ a la russе ss2014

показ a la russе ss2014

показ a la russе ss2014

показ a la russе ss2014

анастасия романцова
Anastasia Romantsova

елена сотникова и анастасия романцова
Elena Sotnikova, Anastasia Romantsova

катя мухина
Katya Mukhina

лаура джугелия
Laura Джугелия

юлия пересильд
Yulia Peresild

оксана акиньшина
Oksana Akinshina

маша федорова
Masha Fedorova

екатерина одинцова
Ekaterina Odintsova

оксана он
He Oksana

расим и алла акперовы
Rasim and Alla Акперовы

ольга изаксон
Olga Izakson

надежда оболенцева
Hope Obolentseva

показ a la russ ss2014

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