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Алена Долецкая, Сергей Полунин, Григорий Добрыгин и другие на премьере фильма "Танцовщик" в Москве

Alyona Doletskaya and Sergei Polunin

In Moscow cinema “pioneer” was held the Russian premiere of the biographical film “the Dancer” (Dancer) on his life and journey to success of Sergei Polunin, who became the youngest Prime Minister of the Royal ballet in London. Alyona Doletskaya, Grigoriy Dobrygin, Viktoriya Borisevich, Olga Thompson and other guests came to view the film and meet her hero.

Sergei Polunin presented kinesiograph along with the producer of the project – Gabrielle Tana. The film “Dancer” in chronological order tells the story of a family whose members did all in his power to develop the talent of the child. The authors demonstrate how the young man from Kherson by immense effort was the real star of the ballet, then left to dance in a repertory theatre. The filmmakers used footage from a home video library family Polunin.

After the show was public talk, the leading of which was Alyona Doletskaya. Sergey answered the guests ‘ questions, took pictures with willing and signed autographs. In the movie “the Dancer” can be seen on may 18.

Алена Долецкая и Сергей Полунин
Alyona Doletskaya and Sergei Polunin

Сергей Полунин
Sergei Polunin

Сергей Полунин и Габриэлла Тана
Gabrielle Tana and Sergei Polunin

Владислав Флярковский
Vladislav Flyarkovsky

Сергей Полунин

Григорий Добрыгин и Муся Тотибадзе
Gregory Dobrygin and Musya Totibadze

Габриэлла Тана и Сергей Полунин
Gabrielle Tana and Sergei Polunin

Константин Гайдай
Konstantin Gaidai

Антон и Виктория Борисевич
Anton and Viktoriya Borisevich

Ольга и Чарльз Томпсон
Olga and Charles Thompson

Митя Фомин
Mitya Fomin

Евгения Милова
Evgeniya Milova

Евгений Заболотный
Evgeniy Zabolotniy


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