Алсу для HELLO! о воспитании, феминизме и Новом годе

Singer Alsu invited the shooting team of the magazine HELLO! in the country house and familiarized with her daughters. The elder Was already seven, the youngest of five, and they for the first time participate in a photo shoot. In an interview with our colleagues Alsu frankly told about the upbringing of children, feminism and temperament, disputes in the family and gifts for the New year.

About New year childhood

To be honest New year – my favorite holiday. He has always been for me the most joyful and welcome. I believe in miracles, in the Grandfather Frost and snow maiden, and as I waited for gifts! When I was little, we lived hard, much was in short supply, so I sincerely awaited holiday, knew that some delicious chocolate candy’ll get right on December 31. New year was a great experience for me. And celebrated as it should be. Then we lived in Kogalym, that is why there always stood a live tree, that we cut in the nearby forest. Mom cooked dinner, and we had a Christmas tree homemade toys.

About education

For me there is nothing worse than ill-mannered children, when I see how my daughters the same age capricious, are rude adults, makes me uneasy. Therefore, in the issues of upbringing I much attention is paid a courtesy. I was taught to respect their elders, always shake hands, say “thank you”, “please”, addressed as “you”, and I try just to educate girls. I, perhaps the most serious member of our family, because my dad not so much engaged with them, he indulges, зацеловывает, gifts more leaves. But he will daughters note, if they forget someone and say Hello. In this sense, Jan and I are unanimous. And now, when the girls reached quite conscious age, we can explain to them that you cannot stranger “poking” and should be addressed as “you”. It’s like a small thing, but all large sums of small things.

Дети Алсу

Дети Алсу

Disputes in the family

Me in my youth someone said that there is a big difference between “quarrel”, “swear” and “argue”. Here you can debate and even necessary, and swear not necessary, because even if миришься, feeling remains, which then accumulates, accumulates in hurt feelings. Jan and I disagree. Despite the fact that I was so soft as plush toy, I can be stubborn. I on the Pope is very similar. And I bet my husband and I regularly. For example, on the subject of additional classes for girls. He’s a businessman, and it seems that there is no subject is more important than math. And I said to him, “my God, why girl in five years math?!” And I will say: “What good in dancing classes?!” But in our discussions, we quickly come to a common denominator.

Feminism and темепраменте Eastern women

I understand their London girlfriends-feminists who shake rights. But I do not argue with her husband, if he says: “Be it so, as I say”. Like you said, well, okay. And for my friends from London this behavior seems strange: “How? Why are you silent? You think differently?!” And I find it easier to remain silent. And nothing but good treatment from her husband, I instead’t, because he understands that I am a little bit myself break, time said nothing, and I hope that appreciates me for it even more. I know that Ian devoted to the family, and everything he does, does for us. He is like a family orientated. For example, I find it hard to imagine that in the New year he was not with us and with some friends. Moreover, Ian tries to big celebrations to gather at one table of the family – my parents, their, our brothers and sisters.

Gifts for the New year:

– for children

Дочки Алсу

Дочки Алсу

I and in Moscow every year we make children’s holidays at home, take kids on a variety of trees, Christmas performances, gifts, of course, cook. Although it is difficult to surprise. Here was their dream – girls wanted a dog, now they have Bonya. It seemed that the dream is already about, but now they dream about puppies for Boni. (Smiles).

Алсу и дочери

Алсу и дочери

– for husband

For me to come up with a gift for Jan – always the biggest problem. Because I do not want to give something banal – tie sweater or briefcase. First, he has all that, and secondly, it can give anyone, not only a beloved wife. So I break your head trying to remember about any kind of let the little things that he wanted, ” one knob for example. Or try a pleasant surprise – the cook something for the holiday table. We joke. Jan says to some friends: “You can’t even imagine how my wife cooks! Yes, I did not imagine!” Then I bake some Tatar cake. Jan pampers me, the New year will surely gives some pretty things – dress or decoration. Although I beg you not have anything better to stay longer at home, lead us in time, we will go together with children somewhere. Because this is the most beautiful thing in our life.



Алсу с дочерьми

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