Traditionally, the concept of «Jersey» imply a textile material received by or crocheted and is distinguished for its special structure, which is based on the principle of connection between the loops, unlike tissues, based on perpendicular to the interweaving of two systems of threads. In a broader sense, the term «Jersey» unites all the ready goods, пошитый of this material.

Key features of the material

Особенности трикотажаKnitted fabric differs in a number of important characteristics, which give the clothes expressed softness, elasticity and resistance to the loss of form. Jerseys, which company manufactures natural wool, cotton, chemical fiber, and combinations thereof, are distinguished by their universality expressed in демисезонности. In elegant clothing of knitted comfortable both in summer due to its air permeability, hygroscopicity and quick drying, and in the winter, thanks to effective control of heat transfer. Many jerseys constantly occurs in autumn and spring collections of men’s and women’s clothing.

Classification of modern knitwear

Now Jersey divided into several categories:

  • linen;
  • upper;
  • legwear носочного type;
  • for the children.

Классификация трикотажаDepending on what functions will the product, use a variety of paintings: laced with a drawing with a different degree of elasticity etc. This comfortable material is activated when sewing sweaters, coats, suits, dresses, swimwear and other diversity of the home and the output service. Material is not inclined to the accumulation of static electricity, the purchase of such things makes you forget about the application of антистатиков and discomfort.

In today’s market presents a sufficient number of recognized manufacturers of hosiery, in the Arsenal of proposals which not only the products of high quality, and delivery services throughout Russia, systematic discounts, bonuses etc. Buying Jersey wholesale the buyer obtains the possibility of profitable savings.

Rules for the care and General recommendations

The originality of this material also anticipates specific principles of care and washing. Despite its elasticity and firmness, knitted clothes preferably stored in a folded form, because the clothes on a hanger can be thrust out. Jersey extremely sensitive to aggressive substances, for this reason, should review the composition of the detergent products, excluding the presence of bleach.

Стирка трикотажных изделийWhen washing powder is desirable to prefer soap or shampoo, but if the owner is inclined to use the powder, you should not fall asleep product, and better to dilute it in water, and as carefully as possible. Pets and machine wash, delicate mode with temperature not higher than 40 C, under such conditions, the home Jersey is to retain its properties.

Water hardness significant impact on the condition of the product, for this purpose tap water умягчается special means for washing, and there is an additional method, when in the water dissolves teaspoon soda. Regardless of the softness of the water is not recommended to soak jerseys more than half an hour. Such clothes are more vulnerable in the process of drying, therefore, a customer who bought the product must ensure that it does not stretch in the drying process.

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