Алексей Ягудин, Татьяна Тотьмянина и другие селебрити на открытии флагманского бутика

Alexei Yagudin, his wife Tatiana Totmianina and Darya Mikhalkova, Vlad Lisovets, and other famous guests gathered in the center of Moscow to open a flagship store premium cosmetic brand from Japan.

Leading the evening was Marina Kim, and joined on stage she was a vocalist Tatiana Mikhin with a group of musicians who performed a lyrical music hits in the jazz style.

In attendance were the first to know about the power of natural minerals of cosmetic products, as well as advanced scientific developments of the company. About it to them рассазали specialists of the company OTOME, who specially arrived from Tokyo.

The guests enjoyed the casual socializing, barman show, pleasant music and atmosphere, as well as dishes of the Russian cuisine in a traditional Japanese filing. Each lady went with elegant flower arrangement of white flowers.

Алексей Ягудин с женой Татьяной
Alexei Yagudin with his wife Tatiana Totmianina

Милана Королева
Milan Queen

Дарья Михалкова
Darya Mikhalkova

Даша Михалкова

Антонина Шаповалова
Antonina Shapovalova

Vlad Lisovets

Ольга Орлова
Olga Orlova

Ирена Понарошку
Irena Ponaroshku

Сергей Сысоев
Sergey Sysoev

Marina Kim

Анастасия Гребенкина
Anastasia Grebenkina

Лада Дэнс
Lada Dance



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