One of the fashion trends spring-summer season of 2017, is the use of the aggressive style of the 80s in clothing. Almost all fashion designers one way or another touched on the 80s in their new collections, which have demonstrated at fashion shows. What are the basic signs of this style?

In this age the minds of people rules, the spirit of rebellion, so the clothes this time, full brightness, inexhaustible energy, sexual aggression, denial of life’s problems. The style of the eighties is characterized by the eccentricity, showiness, not only in clothing but also in accessories.

For forming the image at tailoring overhead used parts. Almost every outfit was attended by the shoulders, making the shoulder line is rough, heavy. Another memorable feature of this time – asymmetric zipper diagonally.

The abundance of jeans and leather jackets permeates this era. Jeans were boiled. And cooked them right at home. Also it was fashionable to artificially age jeans by fading them.

At this time in Vogue style “disco”. This abundance of lurex, crystals, shimmering gold and silver tones. So dressing up is not just for discotheques, but also in everyday life.

The fashion is fitness, and this could not affect the clothing, which acquires the features of a sports style. Appear in fashion tights, leggings and baggy sweaters. Fashion sneakers in 2017 become a Shoe for every day.

Hairstyles were filled with all sorts of lush fleece. Perming, curls were very popular. Layering hairstyles definitely fixed with hairspray.

Many flashy accessories complement the style of rebellion in clothes. Moreover, the more accessories, the better. It was at this time a lot of cheap plastic jewelry poisonous flowers was not talking about the lack of taste and style of its owner. It is worth noting the wide belt, and fishnet stockings.

Nowadays, the style of the eighties I remember with nostalgia and has been on podiums so far. Still, big-name designers are turning to the 80s in search of ideas and inspiration, what good they could.

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