If natural nails constantly break down and the girl can’t grow them the right length to make a beautiful manicure, you can use the services of the wizard, which increase acrylic nails.

When this cosmetic procedure, the wizard uses acrylic material, which is a thermoplastic polymer obtained from two types of acids: methacrylic and acrylic. Polymer, after hardens, has a lot of positive characteristics: flexibility, environmental, hygiene, durability, high ability miss sunlight.

Acrylic nail extension consists of two components: a very fine powder (polymer) and liquid for breeding (monomer) .

The monomer is the catalyst that gives powder viscosity and strength. When nail extension is not used the UV lamp for drying material, acrylic perfectly hardens outdoors. That is why the full set, where the feedback only enthusiastic should be pretty fast.

The very building is in the preparation of nails for the growth and create a shape and thickness of the nail. Increase long nails, you can use two methods: with the help of forms and tips. Most often use a wizard tips: with them much easier to give your nails a desired shape and length.

Before apply to the nail plate artificial turf, you need to prepare hands to capacity. First you need to make uncut manicure: steam out the skin of the fingers and using orange stick gently push back cuticles to the nail bed, fully clearing the nail plate. Next you need to give a natural nails neat appearance – saw through or trim the ends.

After hands are ready to build up, the wizard will need a clean towel or paper napkin, spray-antiseptic, several types of abrasive (for cutting thickness and nail for подпиливания and to shape) , brushes of different density, primer, tips, special glue, oil processing cuticle, the finish.

The procedure of building nail acrylic begins with the treatment of hands with an antiseptic. Next, the wizard removes coarse-grained бафом nail plate, releasing Shine and levelling the surface. Small nail dust, which is formed after grinding, you cannot wash hands with water, use a large brush.

The polished nail need to apply a primer. This substance, which prepares the nail to artificial coating and provides better bonding of the acrylic to natural surface of the nail. Next, the wizard selects the most suitable shape and length tips with the help of glue sticks them to the natural nail. Next glued on the form and on the nail is put another layer of primer. After its drying master gently, using fine-grained saws, smoothes the surface, clearing all of thickening and convexity.

Next, the actual buildup with acrylic. Powder to be reconstituted with catalyst in certain proportions and master gently distributes acrylic across the surface of the nail. When applying you need to act quickly and accurately: acrylic outdoors to become solid.

Hereinafter are applied several layers of acrylic. If the client wishes to decorate your nails or make their surface color, the wizard creates the aquarium manicure or adds the last layer of acrylic coloured enamel. Dried acrylic polished, leveled surface of the nail should be shiny and no visible scratches. Fixed all this finish gel, which has a transparent structure.

In this capacity, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the advantages: the nails are strong and durable, break them is difficult. Some of the ladies claim that the acrylic nails, reviews that you can read on the subject sites, allow them to do all the Laundry manually. After this increasing women do not need to waste time for a manicure or painting of nails. A picture or pattern on the nails is held firmly, thanks to the finishing coating and hand of a woman always looks great.

Even if the ladies managed to break a nail, it’s fairly easy to repair and it does not need to touch the other. Unlike gel nails, acrylic on the type and thickness of more similar to the natural nail. If a woman decided to get rid of acrylic nails, she don’t have to cut this man-made material, polymer dissolves easily in special liquids.

Disadvantages of this type of capacity also abound. Firstly, with the preliminary preparation of the cut away the top layer of nail plate, which leads to its fragility, fragility and thinning. Also removing the upper protective layer of nail can cause hit the nail plate infection or fungus. Next: on the nail applied fairly aggressive substances. If consolidation is performed qualitatively between the artificial turf and natural plate formed small air pockets. If they get liquid polymer nail very quickly pulls away.

Under durable coating misses the air and the appearance and health of the natural nails from this deteriorating. In no case don’t increase if the person is a fungus on the nails. After the cosmetic procedures appear ideal conditions for the dynamic development of this disease, and the nails in the future very difficult to heal and lead a normal appearance.

Capacity requires correction. This procedure depends on how fast the women grow natural nails.

Acrylic nail lets you do quite durable and beautiful manicures, for which almost no time to care. If the woman decided to build, it should select an experienced master, who knows all the subtleties and nuances.

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