акриловый дизайн ногтейFor the majority of modern women, hand care – is the same habitual and necessary procedure as, say, brushing teeth or washing. Even those whose natural nails leave much to be desired, can have a great manicure thanks treatment capacity. A spectacular acrylic nail design allows you to create your fingertips real masterpieces – bright and unforgettable.


Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic capacity

Nail using acrylic is one of the most popular procedures among women, dreaming of a spectacular manicure. Thanks acrylic every woman is able to fulfill his dream of a long, strong nails with a unique design. Such artificial nails strong and beautiful, they can be decorated with not only planar painted, but also three-dimensional motives. Very popular aquarium design on acrylic nails – this technology allows to have the decorations inside the nail plate, as if under the glass.

Acrylic nails are very rarely crack, but if the nail plate is damaged, it can be easily repaired. And when the time comes to part with artificial nails, it is quite easy to do using special solvents.

Acrylic nails and disadvantages. This is, firstly, a sharp unpleasant smell, which accompanies the procedure of extension. Secondly, acrylic nails sensitive to the different chemical stimuli, so they require especially careful attitude. Finally, acrylic capacity is not suitable for owners of thin and weak natural nails – underneath the layer of acrylic nail plate is even weaker, and often nails required course of rehabilitation procedures after the building. Because acrylic very quickly freezes in the air, to build up their own independent nails extremely difficult – need skill specialist.


Variety of ornaments

Acrylic capacity allows to realize the most daring imagination not only about the length of the nail, but also about their decoration. Owners of acrylic nail available as a two-dimensional painting and spectacular surround decor, and very beautiful, yet practical, aquarium design.

What a way to nail decoration choose, each woman decides individually. As a rule, luxury three-dimensional decoration are used for special occasions, such as for wedding decor nails. In everyday life such decorations are uncomfortable. The usual painting and aquarium design, at which the surface of the nail is still absolutely smooth, more versatile and suitable for any occasion – the main thing, choose colors manicure so that the nails were in harmony with any clothes.


Painting on acrylic nails: butterfly

In front of the building acrylic nails should prepare: to make dry manicure, treat nail plates of special tools that will improve the adhesion of the nail with acrylic coating. After that, you can start to build the nail. Because acrylic quickly freezes in the air, you want to work quickly, forming the tips nail the required length.

To perform a cheerful summer design for the extension of the nail is transparent acrylic with sequins in shades of green – this will give the image of lightness and refinement. To further strengthen this effect, it is better to prefer the average length of the nail. Nail form is adjusted with the help of special files.

When artificial nails become very solid, you can begin to paint the nail paints. First a thin brush should draw the contours of grass and leaves. Some nails, you can decorate and images of wild flowers. But the most important thing in this design, butterfly. Snow-white, pale blue, lemon and light pink, they give nails the real summer and youthful appearance. The image should be covered with a transparent finishing coating.


Volumetric acrylic moulding

Luxury convex patterns on nails always attract attention. A skilled craftsman can decorate similar patterns nails all or only some chosen by the client. As a rule, three-dimensional design is used to highlight certain details painting nails – for example, flowers or flower buds, to make the image more expressive.

And let dimensional design ineffective and short-lived, but this way of decorating nails bound to attract attention. Creation of three dimensional images usually takes some time, but the result is worth it. Here is an example of one such design:

  • First nail, you must prepare to build acrylic: sanded saw through, degrease and be treated with a primer;
  • With the help of special forms and which concealed pink powder nail lengthening. To build the edge of the nail is used transparent powder and color powder with sequins, for example, a bright green;
  • Nail tip overlap pieces of mica, after which the song is covered by a thin layer of transparent acrylic and grinded. Form nail patched files;
  • On the nail from the middle to the tip of the applied image colors white, surrounded by green leaves. Some of the flowers and leaves are made voluminous: from small balls acrylic using a fine brush formed the petals of the buds. For modeling is used milky-white and light-green powder;
  • Completeness of the compositions will give a small transparent crystals;
  • An effective Supplement to such a manicure will handmade ring made of acrylic in the same technique that and nail-design. Some masters of nail art offer their clients the services on manufacturing of such decorations, which underline the beauty of the hands.


Aquarium design: everything is simple

Many women choose to nail decoration aquarium design that allows you to create three-dimensional images, but preserves the nail surface is absolutely smooth. The creation of such a design is usually not differ from the usual sculpt the nails, but at the end of the song is covered by a layer of transparent acrylic or gel.

When creating aquarium design wizard can use various techniques. However, the artificial nail has not turned out too thick, it is desirable to use surround decor small size.


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