дизайн акриловых ногтей фотоA woman always wants to look fashionable, charming and elegant. And not the last role is played by well-groomed hands and graceful manicure. Nail design is the art of interlaced with new technologies and modern materials.

дизайн акриловых ногтей 2013 фото

Nail design 2013 the year is quite diverse. It includes nail and all manner of improving their appearance. Depending on the material acrylic or gel. Romantic mood can be passed using flower design to underscore his charisma – stay on geometric.

дизайн акриловые ногти фото

A bright personality and help you to bring different fangled technology.

дизайн акрил фото

But acrylic moulding is not just a design, it is a masterpiece, created by a master’s hand. This is not the most practical and comfortable to wear kind of nail decoration. But if there solemn event, this is exactly what will emphasize your elegance and harmony with the evening dress and expensive ornaments.

дизайн 2013 акриловые ногти фото

There are many master classes from the leading masters of nail design, which give an idea of how time-consuming and laborious work on the implementation of acrylic nail design. How you must have delicate artistic taste, in order to review the composition and not burdening her with unnecessary elements sculpting.

акриловые ногти дизайн фото

This should take into consideration and combination of colors to get completely conformable with the mood and detachments of the image. To create acrylic nail design with elements of modeling, which is presented on this photo, it is necessary to standard procedures manicure, preparation for modeling and, itself, the simulation.

акриловый дизайн фото

Turn-based technology:

  1. cover the nail plate varnish
  2. recruit at first white, then color purple, formed before the balls acrylic;
  3. lay them in the shape of a flower;
  4. attach the petal shape, making прорезывающие movement;
  5. using white and green acrylic, spread sheet;
  6. we draw some details of gold paint;
  7. to give a more pomposity you can decorate sequins;
  8. apply a reinforcing layer.

акрил дизайн ногтей фото

If you decide at home to try their forces in acrylic nail design start with the simplest – and the fact that you you get. And then the desire to improve the decoration of nails you will not. Start with floral prints, which contain common elements. Or draw any favourite animal color.

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