At age 26 she is a successful businesswoman, coach, mom and wife. About how to succeed, do not be afraid of the crisis and to combine business and family anisii Evdokimova – the owner of wedding Agency “Favorit” www.eventlux.rutold our editorial Board.

Anisii tell us a little about yourself?

— I’m 26 years old, I teach in several educational institutions, conduct trainings, manage a wedding Agency, part-time work as Executive Director, I write PhD thesis and raise great kids. I live in St. Petersburg, then in Moscow, then in Nizhny Novgorod, then sometimes in Sochi – in General, between two or four capitals. (laughs)

How did the idea to open your business? Weren’t you scared?

Анисия Евдокимова про свой бизнес— I since the childhood knew that I would be a businessman. In 8th grade I was selling gum on the ruble cheaper than the school canteen, and bought it wholesale in the Ribbon. Eventually my father was summoned to the school for my illegal commercial activities (laughs).

But seriously, I worked in different companies since the age of 13 and 18 years, must have grown to the idea of opening a serious business. Because I worked for a company event and I really liked my job, and most of all it is organization of wedding celebrations, and I opened my wedding Agency.

Why this niche is weddings?

— I’m primarily a girl, so trading machines, it’s probably not feminine. And I by nature have a very close organizer – I have always and everywhere all organized, so I just needed to find a niche that I want to do. Weddings are such an emotional and joyful holiday that organizing professionally first wedding (still working at the company for a wage), I realized that this is it – my life’s work. However, owning a business is certainly not in pink glasses and live, but I love that I have a business with a human face.

How are you doing in response to the crisis: probably the first what do you save it just entertainment?

— I’m always in the business rule: “to do and more time to do that.” Yes the rules of the game change a little due to the crisis, but the people have not ceased to marry and does so you just have adequately and timely respond to changes in the market and then the crisis will be a trigger to development. In 2008 and 2009, I made a big leap in the development of their agencies, precisely because there was a crisis, I hope after this crisis, I will summarize and understand what we will achieve much, but anyone interested can follow our achievements on the website of my Agency

You also teach, and this is how it happened and why is it You?

Анисия Евдокимова преподаватель— At some point I began to feel that I closely within my firm, every day I did about the same thing, and I started to look for a solution. And it suddenly came to them — I was called to teach, and I was so absorbed in this process that for the past 6 years in parallel with the fact that I run my business, I in one form or another teach different disciplines. Since University times I am a Ph. D. student, I really hope this year to finish it – it’s like a change of activity for me, the impetus for research and new development.

How do You have time for everything in life?

— First, it is clear prioritising, but it is difficult to learn. But now I plan in advance try to keep up and to work and a delicious dinner home to the family cook. Does not always work, to be honest. But overall this is the basics of time management, rules of the house fly-lady, and an honest assessment of what’s important to do now and what can be postponed and the day after tomorrow. And of course to use your time efficiently: if your son swims, I don’t just sit and read something I write, or Vice versa. If I stand in traffic, make phone calls (using the link on the car, I am not for a rate “calls for a wheel” =).

What would You have any advice for our readers?

— Sit down, stop and think what is she to You – Your ideal and happy life. What do You want? Only by understanding what I want and what makes me happy, can this be achieved. Well, then, go back to your dreams and do not be afraid!

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