All people, regardless of their profession want to be toned and healthy. In towns and cities is constantly opening various gyms and fitness centers, the demand for which is constantly growing day by day. What to choose for a novice sports fan and where to go first? Let us examine the pros and cons of each institutions.


If a man or woman wants to be always fit, slim and healthy fitness is what he needs. On the fitness guys and girls basically do exercises on the endurance and recovery of your own body.

A good coach will definitely help to make you a meal plan because unlike the ordinary physical fitness uses knowledge in anatomy, chemistry, physiology, and information about how to perform certain exercises.

Classes in the fitness room are 1-2 hours several times a week, where they carried out training of all muscle groups from the chest and ending with the leg muscles.

Sessions can be conducted groups or individually, depending on program selection. Individually the coach will try to take into account all peculiarities of your body, but unlike the group classes here are not present the feeling of a friendly shoulder and the spirit of competition between the trainees.


Lovers of sports equipment to be sure to feel like a fish in water. Most often in the gym come for relief or body to gain/lose weight, but it’s not all the possibilities companies. Arriving for the first time in the hall beginners usually grab heavier dumbbells and try to squeeze from your body the most. Usually enough such enthusiasts for two to three weeks maximum, so it is recommended to start training on the relief in the hall unless accompanied by an experienced coach. To learn how to perform the exercises with a barbell or dumbbells will take months, and it provided that from every deviation is observed by the coach.

What to choose?

Assessing the capabilities of both institutions can safely conclude that for men fit gym and women’s fitness. The fact that girls start to do sports to get a wasp waist, but at the gym it is best to pump strength and endurance, and men Vice versa come for the muscles and fitness they can only dry your body and will not gain adequate muscle mass.

Choose what suits you the most, harmony and harmony or strength and endurance, depending on the response, it is recommended to go to some institution.

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