Every mother should know, that the campaign of a child in first grade is a very crucial moment. How will appeal to your child’s new school life, largely depends on the mood in the future he will go to school.

In order for your child to feel secure at school, a need to buy everything you need. First of all, buy a form – for girls, this may tunics and blouses, slacks and shirts. Don’t forget about school bag portfolio or a satchel. Is on sale and models for older students, namely backpacks for Teens.

Первоклашка и рюкзакWell, if your child takes the initiative and wants to choose a bag. However, you should not fully rely on the taste of the baby, because assess the quality of a thing he is not able. As a rule, children pay attention only on the attractiveness of the bags – they are important model, color and pattern. Mothers also have to look at the weight, the tissue, joints, locks, and so on.

To date, the best option is to buy an orthopedic backpack. Back such a model has a special design which follows the curvature of the spine of the child. In addition, a backpack is a cushion in the lumbar region, which helps to reduce the strain on the back of the student.

Рюкзак и осанкаDoctors-orthopedists note that every year an increasing number of children who have problems with posture. The reason for this is the wrong habit to sit behind a Desk, as well as wrong to wear a school bag. Ideally, the backpack must be worn at two shoulders, that allows to distribute the load on your back. It is also important that he had a stiff back, and this condition is not always observed.

To posture schoolboy does not disappear, it is advisable to purchase a special «growing» furniture. Such desks and chairs are equipped with a special mechanism to adjust their height in accordance with the growth of the student. Parents should not worry, that will eventually need to buy new furniture. Setting Desk and chair the desired division (usually it is on the side), you can provide your child with an adequate work space with first class until the end of school. Most models of the «growing» furniture also have additional шуфлядки and shelves to store the textbooks and exercise books.

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