Some people prefer to make elite breeds of cats and dogs instead of taking animals from the streets or shelters. Why? And simple, all being expensive, you can brag to your friends, acquaintances and other public.

Бенгальская кошкаThe absurdly expensive species is Bengal. It is a cross between Asian leopard cats (rare in the world of small wild cat and cat. Bengal cats are popular because of their rarity and wild colour. These kittens on the market today are not one hundred, or one thousand dollars.

Löwchen it is considered the rarest breeds of dogs. Their fashionable special cut: completely shave the back part of the bullock, and leave нестриженной front. Puppies of these dogs are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of ubiquitous dollars.

Hao Mani – rare Thai cat, usually with multi-colored eyes and white hair.

Tibetan mastiffs came from the mountains in Central Asia. This large creatures that can deter even leopards. Occurred Tibetan mastiffs from wolves.

Кошка саваннаSavannah cat acts mix Serval, the so-called small African cat and cat. Breed brought thirty years ago, is now one of the most popular breeds luxury Pets. For a kitten Savannah will have to part with five thousand crispy dollars.

Live in the Arctic canadian eskimo Laika that can withstand extreme temperatures. It was used as sled dogs. Puppy canadian eskimo Laika worth more than one hundred American dollars, this explains the rarity of the breed. Today in the Canadian club involved in dog breeding registered about three hundred eskimo huskies.

Stunning dog breed is Pharaoh Egypt hound. Earlier representatives of this species used for hunting. Pharaoh hounds are athletically built, strong, active and independent dogs. Puppy Pharaoh hound can be purchased for five thousand bucks.

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