"50 оттенков серого": коллекция белья уже в продаже

The author trilogy “50 shades of grey E. L. James joined efforts with the Swedish trendy retailer KappAhl, to create a line of underwear, based on the story of a bestseller: bras, panties, stockings, babydolls, Lacy black masks for sleep and grey ties.

The representative of the brand explained that the basis of the collection – fantasy on the theme of what would be the female characters “50 shades of grey feel sexy.

Note that the feedback fashion critics contradictory. So, mark Wilson of Fast Design Co said it was “unfortunate missed opportunity” and “exciting sexual deviance” in the plot does not correspond to the presented collection of underwear.

50 оттенков серого

50 оттенков серого белье

50 оттенков серого-1

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