5 типов женских фигурHi to everyone. Every woman at all times dreamed look irresistible. An important component of the female attractiveness is the figure which should be constantly kept in good shape. It is very important to understand Your type of shape to know what the proportions are perfect for her.

There are five types of figures, each of which has its own appeal. Features of each type directly depend on the structure of a skeleton, distribution of muscle tissue and fat on the body. Of course, You can lose weight or gain weight, but the type of shape did not change.

If you know your body shape, you can learn to correctly identify under his clothes to visually balance the proportions become more slender and graceful. And so, let’s examine each of the five types of female figures.

Type 1 Figure – pear

This type is characterized by broad hips and narrow shoulders. When such a building thighs wider than shoulders and the upper part of the body longer than the lower one. Often nails are ширококостному type of addition, and the hands to узкокостному. Advantages shapes pear is pretty slim waist and flat stomach that stays flat even if the weight. Also pears practically fullness face, neck, arms and back always remain fragile and graceful.

If You have the figure of this type, you should know that the main жироотложения come on hips, buttocks, abdomen, caviar and sometimes at the waist. The more you weigh, the треугольнее becomes figure. But as soon as it begins the process of weight loss a figure much changed in the best side.

All owners of this type of figure will give very important tip – watch your posture, because even the slight stoop will present body is not in the best light.

Type 2 Hourglass

This type is characterised by a rather narrow waist and the same volume of a chest with hips. This is truly a classic type, which have the most feminine women. Big Breasts – a great addition.

But at the same time, owners of «hourglass» it is very important to constantly monitor their weight as fat in this case the most different. Most often problematic areas are: hips and Breasts, but a balanced diet will reduce the problem of excess weight to a minimum.

5 типов женских фигур

Type № 3 Apple

This type is characterised by approximately the same amount waist, hips and chest with a smooth transition line. If you want to be attractive for this type of shape, the focus on a beautiful neckline and shapely legs.

With regard to жироотложений, under the blow falls face and abdomen, so the owners of this type to control his power, avoiding excessive caloric content of the foods.

Balanced food combined with exercise and beautiful clothes will make You a Queen.

№4 Rectangle

This type is characterised by about the same amount of the waist, hips and Breasts and wide невыраженной waist. The more fat, the rectangular becomes figure. Return womens elegant form, you can, if you work on problem areas, and eat right. Your main goal is to strengthen the abdominal muscles and lose fat waist.

№5 Triangle or a figure of type «T»

In this case, bust and shoulders much wider hips, and the length of the upper part of the body is shorter than lower one. You should learn to hide the massive shoulders and constantly work on balancing the body weight by adding at the bottom and top slimming.

You must also master the graceful gait, and work on feminine posture.


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