Every woman wants to always look attractive. For anybody not a secret, that the manicure is an important component of the appearance of women. Currently, there are many different ways to make beautiful manicures.

Beauty salons entice their customers by offering different kinds of manicure. Already is not enough just paint the nails, in the course is the use of accessories. For decoration manicure fit rhinestones, sequins, stickers. And certainly special attention may be given to the foil, which is used for decorative nails. There are different ideas manicure with foil. There is transfer and nepeivoda foil, sheet, thermo-foil. Such a foil usually buy in the specialized shop for manicure.

The most popular ideas with foil – moon and French manicure. Lunar manicure with foil now all fashionistas at the hearing. First time it was presented at a fashion show of Christian Dior. Lunar manicure has the form of two contrasting colors, in which particular emphasis is placed on Lenochka nail. This type of manicure is best done short nails. Nails should be oval or roundish shape. Very good it is suitable for any image service for different events. The most important thing in this type of manicure is that one color should be dark, and the other light. The most beautiful combination is black with white, blue and silver.

Lunar manicure done and at home, it will call for different materials is foil, dark lacquer, base coat and fixer. Before manicure need complete processing of the nails, and then you can begin to create beauty. Previously nails apply a special fixative and then impose a foil to the end of the nail. Then slowly extra ends cut off with scissors. Next thing begin on the foil applied lacquer, leaving a piece of foil, not filled at the base of the nail.

The last step will be a fixer, so better contact foil and varnish among themselves. French manicure with foil the most common and simple. It is suitable for any length of nails, and also under different images and clothing. It is interesting to look French manicure using silver foil. The nails are light varnish, and then on the edge of the nail is attached shiny foil and all secured with a transparent varnish.

There is another option – manicure with strips of foil. It’s pretty interesting and not too complicated manicure. The painted nails are polished glued strips of foil, and secured by a colourless varnish. Such strips looks very nice colorful Mani. They are well hide behind the errors that result from staining nails. Strips of foil can be both horizontal and vertical, and diagonal. Design manicure with foil diverse. Using foil, you can combine different shades and even do the whole composition. All this you can learn to do at home and not have to constantly go to beauty salons.

There is another way to get a manicure with foil without glue. It is especially good to use, the specialist are engaged in building up the nail. When the nails special gel while its drying, it is imposed pieces of colored foil. After that the foil is put another layer of gel and thus it and secured. There is another way to apply the foil without glue is to use special strips that have adhesive basis. This material is very thin, so use it with care. This foil is well suited for those who are starting to learn to apply the foil on the nails. Using foil, can be on your nails to create the whole design.

If you learn how to work with foil at home, you can not only save money, but also a bit of money, because such beauty many will want to see on your nails. Manicure from foil suitable for any girl that watches for fashion.


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