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3-летний сын премьер-министра Канады Джастина Трюдо прилетел на саммит G20 и стал героем соцсетей

Justin Trudeau with his wife Sophie and son Adrian in Hamburg

Last day in Hamburg came the first of the G20 summit, among whom were Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. It should say that its exit plane is eclipsed, perhaps, even the emergence of Melania trump dress at Delpozo. The spectacular arrival of a 45-year-old politician made his youngest son, Adrian, who arrived in Germany with his dad and mom.

Justin and his wife Sophie descended the stairs, holding the hand of his 3-year-old boy, which is fun jumping over the steps. When all three were down, the child was again attracted worldwide attention – with a bouquet of flowers in his hands he own and lively posed for photographers, while the parents were busy with greetings.

Джастин Трюдо с женой Софи и сыном Адрианом
Justin Trudeau with his wife and son

Джастин Трюдо с женой Софи и сыном Адрианом

Photos of the family flew over publications and social media, where it received a lot of feedback. Internet users were fascinated by Adrian Trudeau, here are just some of the comments:

The child is a canadian treasure.Cute baby! He looks just like his father!
Justin Trudeau may like it or not, but I will not argue with the fact that his son is magnificent.
What a lovely family! Your little son, sir, just like you.The media repeatedly discussed uninhibited style of behavior of the Prime Minister of Canada. Admittedly, the arrival of the policy to the G20 summit meet him.

Джастин Трюдо с женой Софи и сыном Адрианом

Сын Джастина Трюдо Адриан
Son Justin Trudeau Adrian

Джастин Трюдо с женой Софи и сыном Адрианом

Софи Грегуар с сыном Адрианом
Sophie grégoire with his son Adrian

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