Сайентологию в Великобритании признали религией

, British high court found сайентологию religion. Earlier doctrine, which was shared by celebrities such as John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Kirstie alley and Juliette Lewis, religion was not considered, due to the “absence of the divine or of another object of worship.”

The court decision was made in connection with the 25-year-old Louise Ходкин: the girl demanded, that the British authorities acknowledged her marriage with Alexander Кальчиоли enclosed in сайентологической Church.

As reported by the BBC:

Five judges of the Supreme court decided that the Church can be considered “a place of worship”. In addition, the court stated that “religion cannot be recognised only on the basis declares whether she Supreme deity”.

Scientology is an international movement, which is based on a belief system, created by the American writer-fantast Ron Hubbard. In Russia and the USA сайентологические organizations have the legal status of the religious. In England, as in Canada, France, Germany, the organization of such a status does not have.

The same adherents of the doctrine, the question of whether the Scientology religion, no doubt. So, the main star сайентолог Tom cruise says:

It is a religion, since the focus is the soul of man as a spiritual being. It provides you the tools that you can use in your everyday life.

Himself Cruz сайентологию professes for two decades. He does not deny that one of the reasons his divorce from Katie Holmes was that the actress did not want to attach to the belief of their daughter Suri.

The star does not cease to participate actively in the activities of Scientologists: so, last month the 51-year-old actor became an honorary guest of the opening of the new Church in Florida. Together with him at the opening ceremony came to John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

Том Круз
Famous Scientologists: Tom cruise

Келли Престон и Джон Траволта
Kelly Preston and John Travolta

Джульетт Льюис
Juliette Lewis

Кирсти Элли
Kirstie Alley

Джованни Рибизи
Giovanni Ribisi

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