If someone else a couple of months ago to say that my six year old daughter will play with the designer, I would have just laughed! Eva with two years did not recognise any of toys, except dolls. Разногабаритные CPMP, Barbie dolls, monsters, porcelain – like «ladies» we flooded the whole house. Personally, I think that this is normal: the girls have always played with dolls, not we invented it and we can not change this. Everything would have had if not for my mother’s love for Internet shopping. But everything from the beginning.

What’s the point?

Особенность магформерсFor the first time about such things as the designer Магформерс, I read on the forum for moms. Reviews prevalence of positive, milf unanimously repeated that the constructor captures children’s attention and suitable for different ages. Was mentioned already that he is a very safe because it does not contain small parts. Eva, thank God, problems with swallowing toy in the past. But if your child is still pulling in my mouth all that he sees, pay attention to this fact!

In General, think for a long time I did not – ordered toy in the same day. Chose together with eve, unanimously stopped on a large set of Magformers Miracle Brain Set. Can you guess why? Correctly, because the list of the parts was the little doll (I’m not kidding, Eva demanded that the designer will certainly were doll!). Of course, the doll is really rather small figure of a girl, which if desired can be contracted in the toy carousel or the spaceship, though, that you will collect. By the way, the set was a boy, but he was not impressed.

I, as you know, has attracted not pupa, and really novel for children’s designers feature. The point is that in this set was led lights – in-the-dark all the collected locks-machine glow! It is insanely beautiful: the parts translucent, and when the light is coming through them, I, 30-year-old woman, is simply breathtaking! Eve too excited, says that now she’s a witch, and her magic! Specially for parents clarify: the magic, if that charges through USB.

What I liked most

Выбор магформерс конструктораThe idea of the designer is quite simple. In the box – a whole bunch of multicolored geometric shapes. Squares, triangles, «cell», wheels, antenna, guns and other bells and whistles – it depends upon what set you buy. Our designer Magformers Miracle Brain Set – obviously, one of the most «tech», because it was even a remote control. If you have a family grows some young Carl Benz, be sure to buy kits with wheels and remote – assembled cars to be!

Now, the plastic parts (magnets are hidden inside) you just need to put things together. Magnets attract each other, are obtained cute frame shapes. You can collect 3D dragon, a giant flower, pig farm – all that a child comes into my head! Although eve likes to lay flat patterns on the fridge, so we were already thinking about the profession of the designer.

Our conclusions

Магформерс мальчикамOf course, first of all, I would recommend designer Магформерс boys from 2 years and up to infinity (and that is our dad was happy to collect your enterprise). If he is interested my eve never which usually shows interest to anything to the design, it really guys exactly appreciate all the possibilities of 3D modeling.


High-quality, safe and beautiful toy, the perfect gift. So if you do not know what to give to the baby birthday, feel free to choose magnetic designer Магформерс. This is entertainment, and unobtrusive instruction in one.


Not the most accessible toy, especially our set (Magformers Miracle Brain Set). Glad that:

  • the necessary parts, you can buy all the sets together;
  • constructors are different: from the large monsters 300 and more details to democratic sets, including 8 elements.

Ekaterina Churaeva

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