Recently, nail art confidently went beyond good skill and is rapidly approaching the field of pure art. Borrowed not only genres and images, but also the basic methodology of different application areas.

The trend of fashion in nail design method , derived from the restoration works, which is often used also by fraudsters from painting for artificial aging fake paintings. Specific term for the natural cracking of the lacquer paintings without damaging the base of the scenic layer, craquelure. Nails fashionable beauties are not worse than the paintings.

Кракелирование – method of artificial coating cracks of the Lac to wear out the canvas and add value. When painting nails кракелирование found its perfectly legal use, привносящее in manicure special charm. With the help of technique it is possible to perform work on a number of design directions, providing the client to winning complement the overall style.

Basic manipulation of the application of cracks on the lacquer coating ногетвых records include several stages. First, degreased surface on which will be applied lacquer. Nail is covered with a basis, and then the main varnish layer. Provides effect of cracks and x-raying of the basic layer of varnish-Python. Nail it is put on top of the kiln-dried main varnish.

Therefore it is possible not only to achieve vintage features manicure, but also to imitate a vegetable or animal patterns, and colors. Lac craquelure nail safe as рапстрескивается only the top layer of lacquer without damage the varnish covering nail and protects it from external influences.

Individual attention, styles and images, which can be obtained through the fashionable trends.

The effect is very subtle and delicate porcelain is achieved легчайшей, almost invisible grid craquelure. For that selected shades of colors from white, beige, coral pink to опалесцирующего yellow. Basic tone paint and coatings must practically coincide or differ by no more than one.

This manicure will suit fans of vintage Empire style, Rococo or Baroque delights. Look great nails on which the porcelain effect is complemented by application of an image by spreading varnish. This allows extend the scope of this direction for lovers of the far Eastern trends, fans of Japanese or Korean cultural traditions and image.

Second, a very sought-after areas, common among the representatives of youth subcultures is Gothic. Obscure trends of nail design, executed in black shades of red кракелюром or blood-red and cherry basis with black spiderweb of cracks on top, quite delight lovers of crypts and mysterious castles with Lancet Windows inhabited by bats and тарантулами. Supplemented with drawings of various mystical representatives of flora and fauna such manicure delights are able to impress others. Especially exquisitely look кракелюре all sorts of spiders, and volatile mouse.

Shades of pink paint with black cracks, creating more depth by contrast colors, excellent emo girls. Despite the overall деперссивный mood of this part of the beautiful creatures, such a manicure at least for some time can distract them from sad thoughts about the frailty of existence and increase the chances of acquaintance with the opposite sex that may greatly change their lives and forced to reconsider their pessimism.

For the more Mature ladies recommendations on the application of кракелюровых varnishes are in the field of African motifs. Association with the lionesses among burnt Savannah and majestic Panthers among the greenery of the tropics with its climbing vines can increase manicure, imitating the figure of leopard skins or tiger stripes. Here can be attributed all the floral motifs in emerald-green.

For ladies-snobs, clearly knowing to itself the price in this challenging world, the power of men and rich features, ideal кракелирование, gives nails kind of expensive and luxurious snake skins, available only to a few. Elegant shoes alligator and a cluster of the same material it is possible to replace more affordable manicure good proven wizard, which owns the technique craquelure.

Stand apart Amateur style of «military». Combat paint, decorating the faces of soldiers-men, designed to intimidate the enemy, in the women’s version is transferred to the nails of different lengths. Whether it is classic or French manicure, кракелирование with green, brown. gray or black colors is able to inform others of quite a strong character mistress such tender handles.

Certainly, qualitative materials, with the help of which must be performed procedure кракелирования must be accompanied not only nails client, but the skilled hands of a master capable not only to correctly perform the basic stages of the procedure, but also to give a piece of advice in selecting the image of his ward. Any new-fangled trend can play all shades only with proper execution interested in the end result master.

Being aware of all the fashionable novelties in the field of nail design, we should not ignore the beneficial effects кракелирования, capable to please the girls and women of different age groups and bring their style update.


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