"Интерстеллар": первый тизер с Мэтью Макконахи

In the Internet appeared the official teaser fantastic tape Christopher Nolan “Интерстеллар”, starring in which sang Matthew McConaughey, Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, Ellen Берстен and many others.

Sci-Fi drama tells about the adventures of a group of scientists who recently have found a black hole: it turns out so they can travel to different time and space long distances, to bring food on the dying planet.

Nolan expanded and edited the script, written by his brother Jonathan. He was inspired by the works of the theoretical physicist Pile of torn. So, to shoot in the air space, were involved in IMAX.

Teaser begins with black and white archival staff of human space flight. The role of the narrator in the video is a hero Matthew McConaughey:

We were always proud of ability to overcome the impossible. And we believe those moments, those moments, when we dare to aim at something higher, at overcoming the borders, on the stars, to make the unknown known, we believe these moments of our greatest achievements.

But we all have lost it. Maybe we just forgot that everything in the beginning. Our greatest achievements can not be left behind, as our fate is always ahead.

In the end of the clip crying McConaughey leaves of the abandoned rural house at the old pick-up truck.

Let’s Remind, Christopher Nolan glorified in 2000, after the ribbon “Remember”, and then literally ripped jackpot, clearing the trilogy about Batman with Hit Леджером in the main role. In 2010 its “Beginning” with the Leonardo DiCaprio was well received by critics.

Release “Интерстеллар” is scheduled for 7 November 2014.





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