аквапилинг для ногFor many women, the model of summer shoes is almost always calluses, corns, cracks and other such problems. Yes and at any other time of the year a woman is not insured from other troubles with shapely legs that not only deprive their attractiveness, but also bring a lot of pain. Cope with all these problems will help to such procedure as аквапилинг foot. But what it is, we will talk with you on the website Beauty-Hands.ru.

The use of procedures

Use аквапилинга skin is obvious. That is why apply this method does not only solve the problems with the skin of the feet, but also for other parts of the body.

Often this procedure woman resorted for tasks such as removing corns and cracks on the feet, removal of age spots, scars and scars. Beyond this, however, аквапилинг foot excellent way for the resumption of blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues, due to which the methodology actively used for getting rid of cellulite, as well as the removal of the first symptoms of varicose veins and to tighten the skin in problem areas after weight loss.

By removing the upper epidermis is achieved softness and elasticity of the skin renewal of its elasticity, stimulation of collagen and elastin.

The main advantage of аквапилинга before other procedures of this type is the absence of aggressive influence on treated skin areas. Because in this case there is no need for stew skin, and carry out its mechanical cleaning and, of course, affect acid compositions. This, in turn, allows to achieve the desired result without causing additional damage.

Foot scrub – a great help, and scrubs recipes that will help your feet to breathe can be done according to our recommendations, in article.

Аквапилинг foot: types of procedures and features of the

аквапилинг для ногThere are three types of аквапилинга with different intensity effects on the skin:

  • surface аквапилинг
  • the average аквапилинг foot
  • deep massage

Which option is suitable for your case, determined on the basis of the skin condition, the type of problem to be solved, desired results and other factors.

Next on the website Beauty-Hands.ru let’s talk about how exactly treatment in a salon.

For the beginning of the desired area of the skin processed tonic to remove the rests of dirt and thoroughly moisten it. During the procedure the skin of the feet is sent to the mixture of air and saline. Submission takes place with the help of professional equipment through a special nozzle. And all this is done under high pressure, which resembles a deep massage movements with impression of the skin. But do not worry, аквапилинг foot is absolutely painless method that does not cause any discomfort to the patient, but slight tingling.

Duration of the procedure is determined by a specialist on the basis of the above parameters. The average duration is from 15 minutes to 1 hour. And only one session is enough to make your legs began гладенькими and pleasant to the touch. However, in some cases, blisters and cracks may need to undergo a course of аквапилинга, repeating the procedure five times within a few weeks. Ideal – regular visits to the salon twice a year, in the middle of winter, when your skin is especially dire need of additional food and during the summer.

Аквапилинг foot at home

аквапилинг для ногIf the salon is not enough time, and it usually happens, then carry out the procedure аквапилинга is quite possible to spend in the home, having bought for this special means.

For maximum effect of this procedure must be performed in a complex including a two-step process:

  • leather processing solution «Аквапилинг»
  • application of the cream

As part of the solution contains not only the ingredients that promote the softening of the skin, and antiseptic substances with antifungal and antimicrobial action. Use the solution should be according to the instructions to the drug.

After processing solution «Аквапилинг foot the skin is a special cream, which has a healing effect and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition it is well nourishes the skin, preventing further the appearance of blisters.

Worth noting that the regular use of this complex allows to refrain from the first stage, leaving only the cream application as the normal means for the care of your feet.

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Carrying out the procedure аквапилинга will allow your legs always be beautiful, well-groomed and healthy. And what method you choose will depend on you.

Yulia Gavrilova for customers Beauty-Hands.ru

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