Айрленд Болдуин: "Мой отец Алек – не гомофоб и не расист!"

Айрленд Baldwin wants people to know that her father Alec not such a bad man, as it appears on the pages of the world press.

18-year-old model advocated Alec Baldwin, who is accused of using foul language and гомофобских comments.

Reportedly journalists on Thursday 55-year-old actor insulted reporters, including women, and overlaid one of the photographers Mat. They подкараулили him at the exit of the house. In the end, his new talk show Up Late was temporarily suspended, and he had to bring public apologies:

What I did this week in an attempt to protect his family, was unacceptable and offensive. This behavior undermines human rights, for which I am actively fighting himself. I understand that my show was never aired another week.

Moreover, in the author’s column for the Huffington Post Baldwin said:

Every day in my house are on duty at 50 paparazzi, they poke my wife in the face with his microphones and try to irritate me. Of course, I fell, and the attacks against me are tripled. If the security of my family have to leave show business, theatre and cinema, it is a very simple decision for me. People in the USA are quite mad with thirst to learn the details of the personal lives of celebrities!

So yesterday Айрленд did almost 20 posts in Twitter in his father’s support. In her opinion, he has a good heart and he only wanted to protect his wife Хиларию and daughter Carmen.

Note that Айрленд too clever for her age: in spite of the warm словы support, she stressed that really homophobic statements not permissible to absolutely anybody:

What dad said, INCORRECTLY. What he felt RIGHT. My father is not homophobic and not racist. Sometimes we give vent to emotions. They incendiary mixture of any trifle may cause fire.

My father many years of struggling with bursts of anger, and he has a long way. You need a lot of inner strength and support from his family, to learn to control his anger. Let’s stop to behave like children and give my dad enjoy life and family.

The most curious is that Айрленд herself was the victim of foul language by Alec Baldwin, when she was only 11 years old. In proceedings with Kim Бэсинджер regarding the custody of the daughter Alec got angry at Айрленд for it being late for a scheduled parental date. On voice mail he left her angry message, calling the “rough mindless pig.”

By the way, after rants on Twitter Айрленд posted a couple of new photos in Instagram: it turned out the girl dyed her hair almost white, leaving dark eyebrows. So discussion with фолловерами switched with Alec Baldwin to criticism of a new image of his daughter.

айрленд болдуин

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алек болдуин
Alec Baldwin was saved from the paparazzi

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Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin and small Carmen

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