Жизель Бундхен в маленьком черном платье и кожаной куртке на модной презентации в Сан-Паулу

Gisele Bundchen in a little black dress and leather jacket for a trendy presentation in Sao Paulo

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otdihh-v-kitee-rssChina is a country that the rest is available even to people with low income. Here harmoniously coexist skyscrapers and cozy little house – despite the introduction of new technologies… Read More →

ball-rsssThe modern metropolis, bustling, home parties, secular receptions, balls and masquerades assemble at the hotel. From the French language borrowed the word ball, which comes from… Read More →

Татьяна Навка вместе с дочерьми научилась готовить равиоли и показала в соцсети мастер-класс

Tatiana Navka with his daughters, learned to cook ravioli and featured in social media master class

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Анна Фарис после расставания с Крисом Прэттом дала всем совет о взаимоотношениях: "Не страшно стать независимой"

Anna Faris after her breakup with Chris Pratt gave everyone advice on relationships, “Not afraid to become independent”

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СМИ: Эми Адамс ждет второго ребенка?

Media: Amy Adams is expecting her second child?

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Сотни людей поддержали организованный Павлом Дуровым флешмоб голых торсов

Hundreds of people organized by supported by Pavel Durov flash mob of naked torsos

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o-tatuazheee-rsssTattoo are very popular today, because many modern women are too busy to apply everyday makeup. But this procedure has a very long-lasting effect… Read More →