All about knitting - selection, care, Laundry and much more

tr1kotazh-rsssThis type of fabrics like Jersey, received today the fairly widespread. First of all it is connected with its natural properties. However not all so is simple. Read More →

Alexei Yagudin, Tatiana Totmianina and other celebrities at the opening of the flagship store

Алексей Ягудин, Татьяна Тотьмянина и другие селебрити на открытии флагманского бутика

This week Alexei Yagudin, Tatiana Totmianina and other famous guests gathered in the new flagship boutique cosmetics to celebrate its opening.

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Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto await the firstborn

Майкл Джордан и Иветт Прието ждут первенца

Basketball player Michael Jordan and his wife Yvette Prieto await the firstborn. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Hair loss treatment for women

lechen-vypad-volos-rssBaldness and hair loss is familiar not only men but also women. And this problem is for women the most unpleasant. How do you treat hair loss? Try to understand. Read More →

Tatyana Gevorkyan married

Today, the 39-year-old TV presenter Tatyana Gevorkyan married his beloved Alexander, with whom recently spent a month in Switzerland. Recall that in an interview with HELLO! Tatiana has declared, that does not like to talk about his personal life: Congratulate you, but to talk about my personal life is not love. I do not like Read More →

The idea of a French manicure points: try it for yourself!

In all cabins there is a service of the French manicure. It is this manicure – light pink or transparent with a white outline the end of the nail is the most popular for a few years already. There are two types of applying the French manicure – using stickers and brush…. Read More →

Efficiency of use of apparatus methods in cosmetology

apparat-kosmetolog-rssSuch an expression as “apparatus cosmetology” probably heard every woman. But what is it and what does not know everything. Try to understand. Read More →

Homemade masks for aging skin of the neck

To your tender forever maiden neck caused women burn with envy, while for men the desire to drop lips, this should be the neck to keep in good shape, smooth, firm and soft. The skin of the neck regularly throughout less conscious of women’s life: to nourish, moisturize, toning, clean. However, with men it is Read More →

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West celebrated thanksgiving Day and went on sale

Ким Кардашьян и Канье Уэст отметили День благодарения и пошли на распродажу

Having celebrated thanksgiving Day in Miami, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went on Friday sale in a jewelry store.

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Fashionable mens fragrances of spring-summer 2014

Men consider the importance of using fashionable perfume, no less than women. The latter, incidentally, is also not unimportant, what flavor comes from their men. Moreover, many of the women buying men’s perfume as a gift, are guided, first of all, on their olfactory preferences. In the spring and summer of next year will have Read More →

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